Posted by: Calvin Davis | December 29, 2010

the next day

i wonder if there is anyone out there reading any of this stuff i put on the screen.. and here i sit in one of those old fashion hardrock cafes that has burnt out,, but remodeled… to the hilt.. small planked wood walls from floor to ceiling even on the ceiling.. it is very cool.. old fashion fans,, three in a row, ran by one major belt that stretches the  some odd 30 feet, the length or greater of this cafe in the small town of empire, co..

and there sits frosty the snowman at the front near one of the windows, with a snazzy looking scarf,, that if i were a  thief.. i’d cop it,, but frosty is bigger than i. at least 8 feet tall.. one of those blow up thingamigas…  and the new year is less than 48 hours away… and one thing for sure if nothing else.. is the amount of weight i need to lose before the summer gets here,,   5 months down the line.. i will lose at least 20 pounds… got to,, back hurts too much… and i have too much work to do over the summer months…

the days constantly flip over on an invisible Calender… and it is over  before the next one starts up…  i wonder about my mother sitting there in the nursing home staring at the walls for countless seconds, crept over by minutes, until hours and days and nights crack new holes in the windows of her soul….  i can only perceive in my jumbled brain at times that that is one of the reasons she has become crazier than the days before.. sitting there wondering why she is there, poor baby… and my brother,, being a humbled and gentle man,, an angel without wings.. constantly putting his life on hold to go in there and check on her…. makes me out to be a bad bad person… at least compared to my brother,, whom i adore…

and as i look up at this long belt slowly churning this set of fans over head.. i see cracks in the belts like cracks in our lives, that makes us who we are.. we may have cracks and flaws, and torn up emotions that we refuse to show others, but somehow we keep up the facade and go on. smiling through the tacks jammed into the bloody tissues of our heart….. and here i am babbling… just writing, for i am getting back to work on my novel.. trailerpark trash.. which will be written on line.. peace…. look for the next blog in a few days..  calvin ray davis

Posted by: Calvin Davis | December 28, 2010

and the next still

I find it funny what we all hope to gain at the touch of a button now a days… it boggles the mind.. my poor dear mother who lives in a nursing home for the past ten years,, hardly ever gets anything at the touch of a button…

she has that little button thingamig at her bedside, but one too many times she has been found with the excessive cord dangling wrapped firmly around her neck.. thus having her sent to a mental institute where they pump her full of drugs making her more loony than she is half the time poor heart…  i mean arn’t those buttons made for calling a nurse or some other aid into the room to help out… but i am sure she became ticked off because no one would come and see about her after ten minutes, 20 minutes.. possibly 30…..  and if you are stuck in a bed, with no means of walking and the diaper u’ve been forced to wear has now soaked up or stunk up your bed and your flesh for the past half hour,, would you not be ticked off.. who wouldn’t…. and i sometimes wonder who or what may have wrapped that cord around her neck… her…  why because i am her son I refuse to believe such a thing..

getting back to the fatter side of the flesh… i heard that after 40 years of age, which i am now a days.. u have to excercise an hour a day just to keep at a normal weight… i need to start running until the fat melts away like frosty the snowman in a winter drought…. peace this is a new blog.. have yet to change the title is all….     calvin ray davis

Posted by: Calvin Davis | December 28, 2010

the next post

whatever happened to let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages, anything you want you can find, if u just look… we all became too f…..   lazy…. dex entered our tvsets, jumped on our computers, crept into our cell phones.. and everything is at the touch of a button now a days…

no need for you to turn those heavy ass pages to find what u want in life… u want a mail order bride… go to,,, u need sex for an hour because your husband fell asleep, or you’re wife is on that monthly bloody rag go to  c  ..l,,,o…  you can absurdly even find ways in which to do the most ungodly things on the planet at the touch of a button, as long as u have that all mighty internet…. powered up by q…..  t….. a…. y….   f…. and countless other internet service all at the touch of a finger…

how bout a diet,, touch the screen or scrool down, and hope that those pounds falls off the flab jumping over ur…. belts that are popping from the last hole,, that you made, because someone told u loosing weight is only a call a way…. hahahahaha.. get off the couch, put down the pound cake, and start walking it off…. or stay there and become fatter still.. as the days goes by….  i look at my self and i have gained close to 20 pounds in the last year… fat i have become…. what the hell.. i am sick with myself,, how bout u… oooh   cookies are waiting for me to eat them

Posted by: Calvin Davis | December 22, 2010

lookin for titled post to change day one

Where have i been from the last post until this.. so called job didn’t pan out, book has gone no where. ended up working three jobs over this past summer, from over 70 hours a week, just to get by, down to less than 40 hours a month now that the winter is here…

did a mural in a five year old boys room, been doing a lot of reading. looking after two dogs, keeping house, trying to stay afloat in a sea of how do i keep from falling into the realm of my mother’s brain cells that are locked up within darken memories that keep eating at the soul on a daily imput to mess with the mind….

thoughts that keep running through my head at times makes me wonder why someone hasn’t seen all the visionary creatures leaking through my eyelids in the form of tears laced over with acid filled dreams of a world gone by, a world falling apart, and a world that never seems to come…. i am one of those boats waiting in the desert for the sun to shift into dust, which would imploade heavenward looking for rain to fall back down and lift my rotting tembers up from parched, mildewed dead grass that hasn’t seen the sight of sun or the smell of rain for more than forty years, for that is how long my rotting boat has been waiting to float, has been longing to soar to the land of dreams… but it would be my luck that the rain would never fall back from the heavens.. that the pillars of heaven would be choked in dust like most of my dreams and my mother’s dreams before me….

i had something else written, very different from what is here,,, but this is the real me on a role.. hopefully my ship will find its way through bone choked weeds in a desert with no prayers of rain… to those of you who have joined me on this blog,, peace and love and may dreams sweep you into a land of lunacy, a place where you can smile and laugh at nothing…. more to come peace.. calvin

Posted by: Calvin Davis | December 22, 2010

so,,, yep there i was had a full page of stuff written down.. it was good too.. will try and revamp it tomorrow.. my nails have gotten too long and they need to be cut.. let me come back and see if i can’t recapture on page what has left my brain a moment ago

Posted by: Calvin Davis | January 1, 2010

A new year has fallen

A fast blog…. from the last time until this point… I have gone from landing a job I don’t like,, that I am still at,, for it is what is at the moment…  to knowing for sure that my novel is no where else at the moment than those famous folks I have sent it out to,,,, and knowing that it was personally hand delivered to Stephen King.. delivered to the front gates of the palace.. to the queen of england.. in which I got a returned letter from       the lady in waiting……….    to putting writing off for a bit…. to catching up on much needed art work to flow through my fingers.. to having done more than 20 pieces of new art..    to being written into a budget for a job I shall be most proud of having for the entire year of 2010.. which starts sometime at the end of or the start of this month….  to getting tickets to see Elton John with my partner from Christmas

to getting back in the gym… peace and love to you guys out there… and who knows where this blog may go… or where it will end up….     Calvin  Ray Davis….

Posted by: Calvin Davis | November 29, 2009

Day 64

I don’t know where the time goes.. truth is I’ve gotten in the writing blues.. bla,, yuck.. what in the world am I doing type of mode… Like when did I get here and….. and just what happened to all the stuff in the middle.. There are times it is so hard to believe….that another year has flown by without wings, but here we go, fixing to climb into another decade…

In the process of moving the living room around to make room for a small christmas tree… and the end of the year is sneaking upon us… who in their right mind would have ever guessed that we would have crept upon the year 2010 so quickly….

When so many years ago, growing up in the south we were taught,, at least growing up in the south in the heart of the Bible belt… we were taught and taught and taught again, that the world was coming to an end by the year 2000… That the dead would come back to the land of the living, and rise up to meet that Great Man of Faith in the skies.. then those that believed and had faith and were of good soul and heart would then join those that had gone on before us….

And so many of us put everything we had ever hoped or dared to dream on the back burner,, due to the fact that when we reached the age we were going to be in the land of 2000 that it would all be for nothing.. for the world was going to end as we knew it…and there would be no purpose anyhow to dream… 

But could it be that those of us who were taught, were taught by mislead people.. for none of us knows the actual time frame of the ending of the world, and or the time frame in which The Man above will choose to say ….IT IS TIME…

The new movie  2012,, is all about that.. but other greats say that The Mayans ran out of space on their calender,, and thus the reason they said it was all going to end in the year 2012.. which is mind numbing laughable..

I do believe that there is some unseen force of power out there in the world.. for I refuse to believe in a thing called evolution… for if man evolved from apes,, THEN WHY ARE THERE STILL APES AROUND… and if we were once apes, would it not be possible for us to watch the continued evolution of man… It is much more precious to believe that I come from a higher power unseen… and science and the evolution theory be damned… for I am much smarter, better looking and wiser than an ape could ever hope to be…..

this blog has taken a new twist.. Peace, Love, Dreams.. and Happiness to you all… Calvin Ray Davis…

Posted by: Calvin Davis | November 27, 2009

Day 63

He there, end of Thanksgiving…. and a new novel is running through my head.. and will start outlines and working on research…. coming up soon…. possible the first of the year….

Hope everyone out there had a great day.. that you recall what it is you have to give thanks for though we don’t always stop to do it…. Sometimes we find ourselves falling back into the same trap we thought we had risen out of… but on and on the days goes as if no time has passed at all…..

Went to see      THE ROAD.. today, all alone… just me ,mysel,f and I.. of course there were other folks in the theater but not many… wanted to see  if they did the book Justice.. and more than half way through the movie.. I’m Like,,, this is a novel that should have stayed in the pages of a fine book….It was a thought provoking movie,,, but a mind-blowing novel.. if you get my drift…. the bed behind me is calling me…. I need to find myself within sleep so I can get up in the morning and go to work… here is a few lines from    Just Breathe….

Then I felt my eyelids closing against the blackness…..          more to come…. sleep well…..    Calvin Ray Davis

Posted by: Calvin Davis | November 26, 2009

Day 62

The new job has gotten a little easier.. but today is the day off,, and the room mate is on the phone I am on the computer.. and life goes on…. are you living, or just breathing.. I wonder sometimes.. I am a day behind, maybe two.. but let me send this out.. and then do something else.. later when I get back from the movie theater… Happy Thanksgiving to all…. here is an idea on the back of the novel written by an author that I admire….

Calvin RAY Davis has taken a brave step in novelizing a woman’s adult life and nursing home experience from her perspective, private moments, and often tragic traumas, taken fron her secret daily diary…. John Turley… Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers…

Posted by: Calvin Davis | November 25, 2009

day 61

Thought I would just send this out… hoping that those of you who may check in now and again have a happy turkey day with all the trimmings……  busy busy day today… peace and blessings to u all…. more later…

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